The 900GLV system is winch operated and can be attached to a hand pallet jack or power pallet truck. This system has been developed to stop unstable and unsafe battery changing using “local solutions”.

Height adjustment and movement takes place with the help of a hand pallet truck.

Maximum truck fleet uptime

A battery change takes 3-5 minutes.

Provides a safe working environment.

Outriggers in the trailerfront to increase stability.

Grip in the front of the carriage to be able to dock against roller bed.

Sturdy design

Strong and durable rollers in the battery compartment.


Supplied complete, assembled and finished with handpallet truck.

Frame - 900GLV

  • Battery weight:
    Battery measurement (lxw):
    Battery roll-out height: 
    max. 900 kg
    1230x430 mm
    min. 140 mm
    min. 260 mm

    The Forklift's battery compartment has to be equipped with a roller bed.

  • 1.Winch A winch makes the battery pulling easier and more ergonomic.

    2.Height 140-260 mm is JOPRO Frame’s standard roll-out height.

    Other heights, for example 120-240 mm or 160-280 mm, are also available.